Addiction help


An emptiness in your soul that looms
and drags you into a pit of doom
Dark shadows haunt you as you fall,
trapping you within their walls
Doing anything is the last resort –
it all requires so much effort
Icicles clog your veins; it’s too bizarre
to control yourself, frozen as you are
Clammy hands nervously clasp together at length,
to regain this control with all your strength
Trying to look normal in front of others
getting harder and harder? you frequently wonder
Isolation from society is not what you first chose,
as was hiding in broad daylight with your curtains closed
Only the thoughts of your addiction fill your head
and feeds your mind with pain and dread
Nothing else matters in this world, you said,
don’t you just wish if I were dead?

Hold on; this can change without a doubt
End this on your terms, and choose to opt out
Look for the brightness and a brand new gate
Prepare for a better life – it’s never too late


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