Dear Child

Kids with globe in grey background

Happy International Children’s Day!


Remember when you were first born
Into this world of hope?
Mum and Dad would hold you close
and wondered if you’d cope.
At one year old you’re learning to walk
while sipping on your milk.
And if you’re lucky you’ll sprout some hair
It is as soft as silk.
Two years old is a tender age
For tantrums, tears and drama.
But still you’re cute and love to play
With blocks and your teddy llama.
Look at you with a bag on your back!
Kindergarten here we go!
Because at three it’s time to learn
How to be more social.
At four you’re on your tricycle.
By five you can stand on one leg.
Where are your teeth? Peering into your mouth
You’ve got holes there when you’re six!
Seven is smart and can work things out.
Eight you can read lots of books.
Nine and ten you have way more friends
And become interested in your looks.
At eleven you’re leaving a stage behind
Your days at primary school.
But hey, no worries, you’ll have more fun
Once in secondary – it’s way more cool.
Look at all the twelve years gone by
Has it really been that fast?
I often think of the times we’ve spent
All the joys we shared in the past.
Sad I won’t be here anymore
Indeed I’ll miss you too.
Just know I look forward to see you blossom
Into that special, awesome you.


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