To Whom It May Concern


I’m writing to ask you kindly
About some things I find strange
With humans, ethics and principles
I really wish to change.

Why do the bullied bully?
And why do the hurt hurt again?
Have they not suffered enough
To understand this pain?

Consumed by greed and selfishness
Spouting words that are untrue
If everyone offered to be that bit nicer
Wouldn’t our lives be better too?

What gives you the right to hurt and kill
other people with souls and family?
What pleasure does it give you to hunt for fun
helpless animals consistently?

Twenty-first century, yes, I know we’re smart
So many achievements we’ve got.
But remember how we aimed to improve ourselves
Isn’t that what we first sought?

If you have an answer to anything
Pray tell, I’d love to know
As I’m looking over our planet daily
Wondering…where did humanity go?

Yours sincerely,
Fellow Human


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