Dragon Boat Festival


The savoury scent of sticky rice dumplings filled the air as Mother lifted the lid of the pot. Each dumpling was meticulously wrapped in banana leaves and tied with a single cotton string. With precision, Mother sliced an unwrapped dumpling right into the core with her chopsticks, unleashing a steaming pork aroma into our eager little faces.

It was Dragon Boat Festival, and as usual, people flocked to watch dragon boat races at the by the beach. The weather was glorious; and the sea glistened under golden sun and clear blue sky. Crowds cheered, and the sound of drums accompanied the rapid rowing of energetic contestants. Rainbow-coloured boats streaked the sea and the arms of rowers dotted the sides, moving in unison like a vibrant caterpillar.

After the exhilarating races, everyone cools down, an icy cold beverage in hand and enjoys the rest of the evening with friends and family.


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