It’s now or never…

Writing 0013

I know it’s in here. Right here.

My eyes open wide. I’m tired but I’m not. Not anymore.

It’s too dark to see, but I can sense a presence. I was asleep in bed, but it must’ve woken me up… somehow.

My hands are clammy as I slowly pull my covers up to my quivering chin. Not that it makes me feel any safer. I am completely covered in cold sweat. I knew I shouldn’t have played that video game so late at night. It was so bizarre, and much too realistic.

The story goes that I was locked in an asylum. All the doctors, nurses and patients had died… apart from one, who wanted to rip my guts out with his large drill…

Zzzz. Oh god. I hear a buzz. This can’t be happening. Zzzzzzzzzz. I hear it again.

And it’s coming from under the bed.

Every cell in my body is screaming at me to bolt for the door, but I can’t move. My mind is numb, my body frozen. Do I wait for him to crawl out and get me? Or do I run and risk him catching me?

Grinning and bloody.

My heart thumps my chest like an angry grenade about to explode. I feel the vein throbbing in my temple… so hard I am getting a headache. I need water, I think stupidly. I am at my deathbed and I need water.

The buzzing continues. Nausea overcomes me as my throat becomes a desert and my insides tie itself into a knot. Do I have a weapon? I am scared to move but I need something… anything.

My eyes roll towards my table, on my left. It is about a foot away. I can easily reach my hand over and grab my pen-knife. I can easily slash that retard down. I can then run to freedom, get the neighbours, call the cops…

Am I going crazy?? It was just a video game…wasn’t it? The buzzing has stopped. Maybe I am hearing things. Maybe it was just a nightmare.

No. I am a deep sleeper, I know. I don’t wake up for no reason. Something is under my bed. And it’s going to kill me.

A drop of sweat dripped from my head to my ear. Then…the buzzing starts again, and I almost jumped out my skin, electrified.

It’s now or never, I know. But what if I reach across for the knife and the hand grabs me from beneath? Worse, what if he pops his head out to bite me? Or uses his drill?

I still remember his manic grin and bloody face. It will haunt me forever, but my soul will be free.

The buzzing isn’t getting any closer, any louder. It’s now or never. I make up my mind. In a split second I dart my arm across and grab the knife. Yes! I have it in my hand! Shall I run for the door or shall I stab whatever’s down below?

Critical thinking. I hear the buzzing. But it doesn’t sound directly beneath me, at the head of the bed. It sounds more like at the foot of – no. The middle. Directly beneath me.

If I move, he would know. I still need to clamber across the mattress whereas he could just attack with the drill and that is all. What do I do??

It’s now or never. Hurt him first quick. Any part of his body would do. A quick stab wound and that will buy me time to sprint for the door. And get help. And be sane again.

It’s now or never. Here goes nothing. One sharp intake of breath and I swing down, upside down, hanging from my bed. I stab forward so hard. So hard.

So hard at nothing.

Nothing but thin air. Thin air and my phone on the floor that was on vibrate.
I freeze there, for a minute. My phone? Yes, I have a phone. Yes, it does buzz. Especially when I have it on vibrate.

I breathe. I sigh. A sigh of relief. The pen knife still in my hand. Jeez, it’s just my frickin’ phone. I can really kill whoever was calling me there, but I can also kiss them. I am ok. I am ok. It is just a stupid game, for God’s sake!

Every muscle in my body relaxes. No tension. My hand lets go of the knife and I swing myself back up onto the soft mattress of my bed…just as something drops from the ceiling and lands heavily beside me.

A ghastly grin spread across its blood-drenched face.



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