To a very special person…


I’ll be gone by next year
We don’t have much time to spend
So instead of sitting with my face in my palms
Let me tell you something, my friend…

And I really don’t usually say this
My expressions are not that great
But the love and support you give me
I truly know and appreciate.

I’m full of flaws, you see by now
And yet you stand by me.
I’m cold and strange and insecure
Still, you try to keep me happy.

The times I drown in depression
You seek countless antidotes
While I don’t know how to make you smile
The words get caught in my throat.

I’m bad at praises and romance
But I’m scared it’ll be too late…
So I’d love to take this time to say
a thank you for being my soulmate.

(Mr Seal’s coming with me
I’m sure he likes the sea)


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