The night was dark and still. Not even the gentlest winds would blow. Stars dotted the darkness like playful coloured chalk on a blackboard of discipline. Yet the most stunning of all was the pale luminous moon, that rose high in the sky, lighting up the faces of little girls and boys in their warm, toasty beds. But not a single child awoke from its brightness.

Suddenly, a star fell.

It didn’t drop like a snowflake and melt to the ground. It fell, travelling along the line of light lit up by the spherical brightness above. It entered effortlessly through the glass window towards a little boy’s bed, and like a soothing palm, rested itself upon the child’s head. One by one, the stars fell, delivering dreams to the children. Smiles spread across faces, as memories of parents, hugs and kisses arrived. Memories of love.

Bittersweet comfort, for the orphans.



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