Enchanted (part 4 – final)


My eyes opened to a different scene. It was bright; too bright. I couldn’t move at all, but I knew someone – something – was present. The same music that first caught my attention was still playing, but this time, it was much louder. In fact, it was not just music. Now I could hear voices chanting:

Welcome lost soul
We shall treat you well
Let’s grow forever
In the garden of bells

The faces of fairies surrounded me, their petal dresses so close. But this time they were taller than I…

Sheer panic overcame me. No, I thought to myself desperately. This cannot be true! I wanted to open my mouth and scream, but of course I could not. And my heart – if I even have one at this stage, sank for the very last time…

In the reflection of a water droplet, I could see myself.

A single weeping bluebell.


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