Enchanted (part 3)


If I could gasp, I would. But at that moment, it seemed that a certain force compelled me to stay still, gluing my eyes to the scene. The people – no, fairies! They continued their ritual dance, joining their hands and twirling elegantly, their feet stepping simultaneously with perfect coordination. Their silky petal dresses flowed like the fluffiest clouds on a fine summer’s afternoon, almost like pillows upon a soft blue bed.

A gentle breeze blew. As I watched, I became aware of a growing weariness that I hadn’t noticed prior to this strange encounter. My eyelids began to droop, as the soothing music blended with the background of dancers in the endearing light. I saw beautiful orbs before my eyes, and an intense wave of fatigue came over my body. Slowly, I felt my body fall like a rock upon the grass, and all I could see was pitch black.

Part 4 – Final ➳


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