Enchanted (part 2)


My heart stopped beating right then. I could neither move nor speak as I watched the magical scene, my mouth hanging open.

Just a few steps away, a warm pink and peachy light formed a circle around a single glowing bluebell. The bright ring rotated slowly in rhythm with the enchanting music as rainbow-coloured sparks drifted from the bluebell. I realised that the sparks appeared to be making the ring grow. Soon, it was big and bright enough to me to perceive that it was not merely a ring at all – it was made of people!

People? I wondered, but quickly changed my mind. Seven of them were in the circle, all of which were the size of my thumb. Their features were elvish, and I could make out that they wore delicate, baby blue dresses, seemingly composed of lilies.

Suddenly, one of them looked directly at me and smiled.

Part 3 ➳


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