Enchanted (part 1)


“You must never look back!” Her words rang in my ears as I tore through the forest.

The cold wind caught in my throat and my heart pounded so hard into my chest it could pierce me. Merciless twigs dug into my bare feet with each step and sharp blades of grass cut my shins. But I didn’t care. I solely focused on the prospect of escaping from doom.

Finally, I stopped, panting and collapsing onto the ground. I wasn’t sure how long it had been like this. It seemed like a lifetime, yet so short. I still remember the horror I left behind.

I shook my head, cursing myself for recollecting such thoughts. As I dragged myself to sit under an oak tree, I heard music. Sweet twinkling music coming from behind. Don’t look, I thought to myself. Curiosity kills. Yet, grasping the bark of the tree, I turned…

Part 2 ➳


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