I gazed across the glittering seas
And yielded myself to the gentle breeze
As we sailed aboard this glorious ship
Meticulously crafted with my fingertips.
Captain was having his special grog
For today was fair and free of fog.
At the corner of my eye, I caught
something sandy… an island sought?
Ahoy! I cried and awaited response
Picturing life akin to the Renaissance.
But to our horror we did find
‘Twas not an island but a monster of some kind!
It’s majestic shadow casted over us two
The body gunk yellow, its eyes a deep blue.
Flee! The Captain ordered, a quiver in his voice.
We jumped in the waters – there wasn’t much choice.
We swam for our lives, but powerless we were
To watch our beloved ship devoured by the monster.
And that’s when Mother brought me out of the tub
Leaving behind my ship and toy duck.


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