The Break Up


The front door slammed behind you again and I knew it was over.

My heart ached. How had it become this way, Billy? We used to be so close. We did everything together. We spent all our time living in our own little world. Nothing could have ever torn us apart.

I remember that we’d go for walks in the park and have picnics under the sun. We’d joke and laugh and roll around, grass tickling our feet. And at night, we’d cuddle up in bed, not willing to sleep. You’d tell me stories about your day and I’d listen. Billy, I’d listen to anything you say…

But we grew up. You grew up. And now, this is the way you treat me? Just dump me aside like some kind of toy?! But one day you’ll be back. I know you will.

I will always be your favourite teddy bear.


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