When you pull back the curtains on a stormy afternoon, what do you see?

A grey sky clogged with clumps of heavily pregnant clouds? A punishment from heaven as pellets of rain arrows crash to the ground? A battle between the feisty, vigorous winds and your sturdy glass window? Or perhaps an obnoxious orchestra of the elements, accompanied by thunder, booming deviously at helpless individuals trapped under fragile shelters?

Sincerely… I do not.

I see the clouds sending their eager offspring down to earth, to the rivers, seas and oceans, an invaluable gift to creatures – like you and me – a refreshing taste of life. I see a thorough cleansing of our streets completely free of charge. I see our little friends called ‘raindrops’ coming to greet me. I hear a friendly reminder of what a blessing it is to have a roof over our heads.

And thus, I feel grateful.


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