No escape

Writing 0007


Although the place is still, I feel that something is not quite right. There is someone – something – here, with me.

I just know.

Cautiously, slowly, I turn to face the demons. I can’t see any, but it is strange indeed. The room is darker than usual and I can’t quite make out what is outside…

Suddenly, I see it! The giant, sluggish-green eye of a monster piercing my soul through the glass with its evil glare. A menacing saucer, following my every move. I gasp in fear and try to retreat under a little stone staircase – but it is too late. I have been spotted.

An enormous pole emerges from the skies above. It descends, threatening to crush me. Panic grip my heart with its icy claw. I dart across to the other side of the room, desperate to escape. It is no use. There is nowhere to go. Torrents trap me in a whirlpool, and I close my eyes, silently awaiting my fate…

“Johnny! How many times have I told you not to play with the goldfish?!”


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