How to Feel Happy Instantly!

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Let’s be real; sometimes it’s hard not to feel a little down.

With innovative technology growing at a faster pace than ever, our lives become busier, and with that, our emotions are constantly neglected. Simply put: when we don’t look after our bodies, we get sick. And when we don’t look after our emotions, we feel sad.

But all hope is not lost – as Ralph Marston once said, “Happiness is a choice, not a result.” If you got as far as this in the article, it’s fair to say that you choose to find ways on how to make yourself happy. For that, you already deserve a pat on the back.

Enough said, let’s dive right in.


Babes Beneath The Waves


1. Just smile. No dear, not stretching the corners of your mouth with your fingers like what the dentist does to you at your annual check-up: just smile. You mightn’t feel like it when you’re upset, but research shows that smiling makes you feel less stress and pain, and so you are channelled towards having more positive emotions. It’s a biological work of magic and better still, it’s completely free. So flash those pearly whites for a quick pick-me-up once in a while!


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2. Take a shower, cold hot or warm. Feeling dull and tired does nothing for your happiness, while freshening up yourself can make you feel a lot more motivated. This is because you are doing something that is solely beneficial to you, and hey, you deserve to be pampered. The process of taking a shower is almost as if you are purifying and removing the negative thoughts in replacement of a cleaner, happier you – a kickstart to a brighter day.


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3. Dance it out. You don’t have to re-enact anything from the Step Up franchise – just do your own thing! Put on some music – or not, if you’re super creative – and work those legs and arms like no other person on this planet.


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Your heart gets pumping, stress hormones are reduced and as a result, you will feel more relaxed and happy. Just be mindful of the time of day you’re choosing to bust a groove, flat dwellers; Mr Jefferson downstairs may not appreciate your talents as much as you do.


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Oh, and don’t forget to keep smiling 😀


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