“What’s the matter?” a kind voice asks, as my soul crumbles to the ground
And I try to spurt out my deepest thoughts but alas! I make no sound.
How can I describe this feeling? – this emptiness in my heart.
It’s like I had lost a nothingness that had never been there from the start.

Please don’t leave me, my darling. I love you quite a lot.
But I’m afraid I have to push you away in case you love me not
and abandon me. Just like history replaying itself again.
Like my father, my brother, my sister and all my so-called friends.

Perhaps some didn’t reject me, at least not as I had in mind.
Nonetheless, my clumsy body tags along and generally falls behind.
It doesn’t make much of a difference, as no sooner had I learned to love
I would find fault and evilness, blood stains on a simple white glove.

I dreamed of hateful torment and his calls for me to die.
I became a weak child again, never catching glimpse of the sky.
I hate myself for not being able – I detest my vulnerability.
And I thought you were my mother… why won’t you look after me?

In reality, I don’t blame her. She’s a victim herself, I know.
But I need a source or an outlet to blame; the pain needs somewhere to go.
A thought that gives me pleasure is to spend a day at the beach.
Forget the ache, forget the memories, forget people. And I reach

For a rope tied to a rock to tighten around my neck
And close my eyes and breathe sweet air as I casually fall off the deck
And sink down to the seabed where my soul can finally rest
Such freedom, such peace, a lift of heaviness from my chest.

But I am much too cowardly for such a noble end.
And part of me wishes to seek a way for my fragments to mend.
My arm becomes a chopping board, each slit a dash of relief.
I regain my sense of control over everything that I hold a belief.

My body is tired, I couldn’t sleep, or at least I wish not to.
I haven’t drunk water or eaten at all. I know what I should do.
But everything is extra hard – I amn’t quite sure why.
It’s like I have not motive to move or go out or even to sit and cry.

I’m hurting those I love with the pain that I suffer from.
So, I’m reaching out and getting help – easier said than done.
It’ll take some time to get by. And I’ll understand if you can’t wait.
I really shouldn’t be dragging you into this awful state.

I just want you to know, I’m not pushing you away.
And I’ll always love you for our good memories every day.
I thank you for sticking by me, and making such wonderful plans.
And maybe one day the brilliant sun will shine down on us again.


Abu Dhabi

Writing 0015

If you want an enchanting experience of rich Arabian culture, Abu Dhabi is one city you don’t want to miss. The dome-topped architecture marks splendid spots around the city, and visitors feel as if they have entered a different realm in Emirates Palace while admiring the extravagant decor.

Itching for a souvenir to bring home? Among the many malls and markets you can explore, Yas Mall is by far one of the most popular. Conveniently located just ten minutes from the airport, it is the biggest mall in the city, with a fantastic variety of retailers and restaurants to choose from. Undoubtedly it is a shopaholic’s paradise!

Sit back and relax at the end of your day with some authentic Middle Eastern food. There are great reviews about the overall service and atmosphere Mijana. Al Qasr and Awtar are also worth visiting for a taste truly delicious food.

An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (中醫)

TCM 0001

Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a branch of medicine that involves a combination of traditional healing methods utilized by ancient Chinese practitioners and modern understanding of health and illness. This system dates back over 2000 years ago in written form.

It includes:

  • the use of different herbal medicine
  • acupuncture (the insertion of thin needles into the body)
  • tuina (a method of massage for health purposes)
  • qigong (a combination of body posture, movements, breathing techniques, and meditation)
  • cupping (placing of cups on the body)
  • guasha (using pieces of smooth material to scrape the skin on the body)
  • tieda (a bone-setting treatment)
  • dietary therapy (finding the balance in classes of food)

Where Conventional / Western Medicine is the primary healthcare approach in the Western world, TCM is recognized as a complementary and alternative therapeutic method. A multitude of tests, experiments, trials and research are carefully carried out to prove the safety of Conventional Medicine. However, insufficient solid research and a lack of thorough understanding prevents TCM from becoming formal medical practice, as possible benefits and side effects of its healing tactics are yet to be proved. Therefore, more studies are required as evidence of its effectiveness and to allow approval of being incorporated into the mainstream.

TCM is widely used in China and is becoming increasingly available in Europe and North America as complementary and alternative healthcare.

Addiction help


An emptiness in your soul that looms
and drags you into a pit of doom
Dark shadows haunt you as you fall,
trapping you within their walls
Doing anything is the last resort –
it all requires so much effort
Icicles clog your veins; it’s too bizarre
to control yourself, frozen as you are
Clammy hands nervously clasp together at length,
to regain this control with all your strength
Trying to look normal in front of others
getting harder and harder? you frequently wonder
Isolation from society is not what you first chose,
as was hiding in broad daylight with your curtains closed
Only the thoughts of your addiction fill your head
and feeds your mind with pain and dread
Nothing else matters in this world, you said,
don’t you just wish if I were dead?

Hold on; this can change without a doubt
End this on your terms, and choose to opt out
Look for the brightness and a brand new gate
Prepare for a better life – it’s never too late



Today, I got bitten by a mosquito.

Optimist: Don’t worry! The swelling will die down very soon.
Pessimist: In the meantime you will itch a lot. You will also scratch and bleed and cry.
Realist: Thankfully, this one isn’t an anopheles mosquito, so it doesn’t carry malaria.
Idealist: One day, we can utilise mosquitoes to help carry out blood transfusion, and we won’t need to worry about human errors anymore.
Physicist: That is highly unlikely since mosquitoes consume blood rather than give.
Surrealist: Perhaps they pretend to consume blood, but secretly store it in their bellies and hiding places for a time in need.
Relativist: No.
Scepticist: Highly unlikely.
Communist: Everyone’s blood should be taken in equal amounts.
Opportunist: …And when it’s my turn to be taken, I will hide and let another one suffer twice.
Sexist: Yeah! Push the (insert gender) out.
Racist: Don’t forget the (insert colour) person.
Conspiracist: They are gathering our intelligence in the aim to one day overthrow us all.
Utopist: Mosquitoes really love us, and only take our blood because they think too much blood is bad for us. It’s a great service!
Capitalist: There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world. If I charge $1 for every person I offer the service to…
Nihilist: Except the service doesn’t exist, mosquitoes aren’t here, you aren’t real and neither am I.

I had to leave the room. Quickly.

Dear Child

Kids with globe in grey background

Happy International Children’s Day!


Remember when you were first born
Into this world of hope?
Mum and Dad would hold you close
and wondered if you’d cope.
At one year old you’re learning to walk
while sipping on your milk.
And if you’re lucky you’ll sprout some hair
It is as soft as silk.
Two years old is a tender age
For tantrums, tears and drama.
But still you’re cute and love to play
With blocks and your teddy llama.
Look at you with a bag on your back!
Kindergarten here we go!
Because at three it’s time to learn
How to be more social.
At four you’re on your tricycle.
By five you can stand on one leg.
Where are your teeth? Peering into your mouth
You’ve got holes there when you’re six!
Seven is smart and can work things out.
Eight you can read lots of books.
Nine and ten you have way more friends
And become interested in your looks.
At eleven you’re leaving a stage behind
Your days at primary school.
But hey, no worries, you’ll have more fun
Once in secondary – it’s way more cool.
Look at all the twelve years gone by
Has it really been that fast?
I often think of the times we’ve spent
All the joys we shared in the past.
Sad I won’t be here anymore
Indeed I’ll miss you too.
Just know I look forward to see you blossom
Into that special, awesome you.

Ocean Park


Writing 0014

Here we are: last stop. Eager faces press against the bus windows as we catch a glimpse of mighty escalators ascending to a vibrant-coloured mass on the platform. The entrance to Ocean Park.

Now easily accessible via the South Island line on the MTR, getting to Ocean Park has never been easier. One of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, it is an amusement park with a total of 44 rides, including four roller coasters and two water rides. A mountain separates the park into two places of attraction, namely the Waterfront and the Summit. Visitors can take a spectacular cable car ride (currently suspended for approximately five months from January 2017) to either areas, and enjoy a breath-taking view of Lantau Island.

The park is further divided into a total of eight zones, each of which holds a unique feature. Polar Adventure, for example, is home to walruses, seals, Arctic foxes, and various types of penguins, while pandas, marine animals and avian animals reside in other zones. Dolphin shows, musical acts and culture shows will not be missed while wandering around the theme park.

Visitors usually end their stay by watching Symbio!, the world’s first ever 360° water screen show featuring two beautifully designed dragons clashing in the water as the story slowly unfolds. The combination of a warm atmosphere, intense sound effects and fantastic visuals, it is undoubtedly a night to remember…Just make sure you get a good view from start to finish!

To Whom It May Concern


I’m writing to ask you kindly
About some things I find strange
With humans, ethics and principles
I really wish to change.

Why do the bullied bully?
And why do the hurt hurt again?
Have they not suffered enough
To understand this pain?

Consumed by greed and selfishness
Spouting words that are untrue
If everyone offered to be that bit nicer
Wouldn’t our lives be better too?

What gives you the right to hurt and kill
other people with souls and family?
What pleasure does it give you to hunt for fun
helpless animals consistently?

Twenty-first century, yes, I know we’re smart
So many achievements we’ve got.
But remember how we aimed to improve ourselves
Isn’t that what we first sought?

If you have an answer to anything
Pray tell, I’d love to know
As I’m looking over our planet daily
Wondering…where did humanity go?

Yours sincerely,
Fellow Human




I look up. I see my surprised face in the mirror. Did someone just say “hello”?

I shrug. Maybe I heard wrong. This is an old place. Creaks and grumbles are part of the package. I rinse my toothbrush under the tap. Just as I turn it off…


I spin around with my toothbrush in hand, as the hairs at the back of my neck slowly rises. Who the heck is that?

As far as I’m concerned, I’m the only one in the apartment. Would it be someone next door? Why would they say hello? It sounded like a man’s voice, not deep, not high. Could it be a peeping tom?

I inspect the wall of my bathroom. No holes.

Ugh. I don’t have time for this! I’m about to reach for my watch when I see… it.

A face on my hand. It opens its mouth.


Dragon Boat Festival


The savoury scent of sticky rice dumplings filled the air as Mother lifted the lid of the pot. Each dumpling was meticulously wrapped in banana leaves and tied with a single cotton string. With precision, Mother sliced an unwrapped dumpling right into the core with her chopsticks, unleashing a steaming pork aroma into our eager little faces.

It was Dragon Boat Festival, and as usual, people flocked to watch dragon boat races at the by the beach. The weather was glorious; and the sea glistened under golden sun and clear blue sky. Crowds cheered, and the sound of drums accompanied the rapid rowing of energetic contestants. Rainbow-coloured boats streaked the sea and the arms of rowers dotted the sides, moving in unison like a vibrant caterpillar.

After the exhilarating races, everyone cools down, an icy cold beverage in hand and enjoys the rest of the evening with friends and family.